1Pc Mini USB Rechargeable Air Cooler Humidifier Cooling Fan for Home Dormitory Office Tool

1Pc Mini USB Rechargeable Air Cooler Humidifier Cooling Fan for Home Dormitory Office Tool
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8L/H 6KW Overhead Fan sauna steam generator with homeimage

 Working Principle 

Humidifier is composed of cylinder,water inlet valve,drain valve or drain pump,the control circuit board and enclosures.
When the water inlet valve opens,water enters into the cylinder.As the water level rises,the energized electrodes are submerged in the water,electrical current produces among electrodes thanks to the water conductivity,and water temperature increases until boiling to generate sterile steam.

Industrial storage Humidifier
Professionla manufacturer
With high quality product
RIch experience
Stand Alone Type Humidifier
This free-stand humidifier evaporating and blowing out steams in fully sterilized condition from cylinder where electric power supply completely boils water has adopted mi-COM controlling system to enable optimum operation matching with humidity demand for each space being coupled with humidity sensor.
As with the characteristics of electrode type, no specific security device is necessary and its operation can be done separately.

Easy and convenient manipulation of display
Controller\'s display includes menu selection, compelled drainage, setting, operation, alarming breaker and etc, and can be operated easily by any user.
Precise controlling
Controlling in use of Micro Processor performs the role so precisely to humidifier\'s maximum efficiency, and also is saving energy.
Drainage pump mounted
Drainage pump mounted prevents foreign materials\' piling-up inside the cylinder, and free drainage can be done wherever the cylinder is positioned.
Security and reliability
Security-and-reliability based design has passed through the stringent security standard of Europe to obtain CE mark.
Auto washing
Automatic washing system prevents accumulation of foreign matters inside the cylinder that may be caused by long time operation, and clean conditions can be maintained.
Cylinder structured for easy mounting/demounting
Cylinder has the structure that can be dismantled, and thus there is little trouble with its cleaning which allows its durability extended.

 Key Points

Aluminum Enclosure
Steam humidifier cabinet is made by aluminum alloy plate, which ensures high level corrosion and rust free and doesn’t need to be coated. This enclosure makes sure the unit is light weighted, high strengthened and has long lifetime.
Cylinder Monitor System
Micro-chip is embedded in the cylinder to monitor the working status of cylinder and ensures the more efficiency, better energy-saving and more reliable results.
High Level Safety Protection Measure
HESSWAY’s exclusive antielectric-leakage system monitors whether the humidifier is well grounded, makes the operation and maintenance safe and secure.
Drainage water temperature control system
This system controls the drainage water temperature to be lower than 60℃, which is accordance to US’s UL 998 code, and makes sure the drainage pipe won’t be damaged by hotwater.
Drainage clog protection system
When the drainage pipe is clogged unit stops running to avoide the water overflow.
Drainage pump
Unlike the traditional drainage valve, HESSWAY humidifier uses drainage pump.
The diameter of drain pump is big enough to pass through large water scale.the high-speed rotating impellers crush water scale of cylinder is prolonged to 2 or 3 times than before, and the humidifying process becomes more accurate and stable.
Control System
HESSWAY humidifier uses 32-bit CPU at the circuit board to reach the high reliability.
The micro chip, which is embedded in the cylinder, monitors the culinder’s working status in the real time.
HESSWAY control system uses the word’s most advanced neural network artificial intelligence algorithm, intelligently adjusts the internal operating parameters of the system, automatically adapts to the different water qualities or other external conditions, reduces energy consumption, improves reaction speed and reliability, and optimizes the operation effect. The humidifier optional WIFI module establishes the internet-based networking monitoring and controlling system.
HESSWAY humidier has the RS485 communication port, which supports many networks, such as Modbus, etc.
ECHO series humidifier has the nixie tube displayer.
MAX Series humidifier has the large screen LCD displayer.
Muti-level menu settings ensure the high security.
On/off Control
Unit runs or stops according to the signal of humidistat.
Proportional Control
The steam capacity varies continuously in accordance with the input proportional signal, such as 0-10V, 0-5V, 1-5N, 0.5-4.5V, 0-20ma, 4-20ma and 2-10V.
Electrode Steam Humidifier series:
ECHO and Max series
Steam capacity ranging 2-130kg/h, the humidifier is used to many industrial and commercial areas.
MIN series:
Capacity ranging 0.5-3kg/h, the humidifier is used to fan coil unit or other small AC units.
REST series:
Capacity ranging 2-4kg/h, the humidifier is used for resident as central humidification.
OEM series:
Capacity ranging 2-65kg/h, the humidifier is used in computer room air condition as the humidification part.
SteamPRO Series:
Heating water to produce sterile steam by superheated steam, used to many
industrial and commercial occasions.
ElecPRO series:
Heating water by electrical heating elements to produce sterile steam,
used to many industrial and commercial occasions.

 Technical parameter 

ECHOMAX Series Electrode Humidifier





Circuit board for ECHO Series